Descriptions of videos

Scenes From a Wheelchair   (7 min)

In this dramatic video, a young man with physical disabilities says he wants to be treated like a “normal person.” In two scenes, one from childhood and one from present day, he shows how people in wheelchairs sometimes are treated insensitively. With humor he describes his journey from anger to acceptance.

Walk  ( 5 min)

This is an avant-garde style video focused on people walking from the waist down.  Intertwined with shots of a young man in a wheelchair, this video captures his emotions as he confronts obstacles that he cannot overcome due to his disability.

Stanley’s Day Out  ( 2 min)

This short takes the viewer through a day in the life of a not-so-average dog. Stanley’s Day Out is humorous and fun. Whether you’re a dog lover or not, you will love this video!

Accessible not Accessible  (4 min)

A young man in a wheelchair rides around town exploring accessibility. He points out buildings that used to be inaccessible and shows how, thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, they have been renovated for wheelchair use.

The video begins with the young man and his sister in their childhood wheelchair accessible tree fort and shows how his van has been adapted for his wheelchair. Viewers learn a few simple things they can do to help make it easier for people with physical disabilities to get around.

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