I learned that people with disabilities are the same as everyone else.
~ 5th grade student, Bernardston Elementary School, Bernardston MA

I think it was so cool to have someone in a wheelchair talk instead of someone just talking about it.  It was really fun.
~ 6th grade student, Northfield Elementary School, Northfield MA

. . . .the videos were amazing!
~ 6th grade student, Northfield Elementary School, Northfield MA

I learned to be proud of yourself no matter what. And don’t let disabilities get in your way.
~ 5th grade student, Bernardston Elementary School. Bernardston MA

A great, honest program.
~ 5th grade student, Bernardston Elementary School

It was a very informative program and after hearing Thomas I know more about people living with disabilities.
~ 6th grade student, Pearl Rhodes Elementary School, Leyden MA

Thomas brought in some videos and his service dog Stanley and we got to ask him all sorts of questions about life with a disability. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it.
~ 6th grade student, Pearl Rhodes Elementary School, Leyden MA

Life in a wheelchair is a good way to learn about what it’s like to live with a disability and have to perform day-to-day activities.
~ 8th grade student, Greenfield Center School, Greenfield MA

The fifth and sixth graders in my class were captivated by Thomas and Stanley’s presentation.  Starting with the short videos was a great way for everyone to get a window into Thomas’ experiences using a wheelchair and living with a disability.  They also helped the students appreciate all of Thomas’ abilities–for example, his skill in shooting, directing, and editing videos.  After Thomas left, the students described his program as “awesome” and were impressed with how well he listened to their questions and answered them thoughtfully.  Everyone agreed that he made the program fun, interesting, and comfortable.  We highly recommend Thomas’ disability awareness program!
Linda Donnelly and the E2 Class
The Common School
Amherst, MA

The staff at Greenfield Savings Bank loved the opportunity to attend your recent presentation of “Life in a Wheelchair.”  Everyone found the program to be not only educational, but also extremely informative.  In addition to the videos, the staff appreciated having the time to meet with you and Stanley and discuss the challenges of everyday life.
Thank you for an interesting and enlightening presentation!
~ Ann Hawk, Training Specialist
Greenfield Savings Bank

I had the distinct pleasure of being at a presentation by Thomas Roberts-Wierzbowski, with a high school psychology class. His videos were poignant and thought-provoking.  Many questions surfaced and Thomas answered them with the distinct and valuable  point-of-view of someone who has “walked the walk”.  The whole experience was extremely worth while for the adults and students present.  I highly recommend Life In a Wheelchair to open up much needed discussions about differences and disabilities.
~ Leslie Anderson, Inclusion Specialist

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