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For information about the organization that trained Shiloh and my two other previous dogs, Paws With A Cause

You can look up these excellent resources recommended by Thomas.  Some of the sites now come up as not secure.  We would suggest you look directly for these resources by name.


1. Disability Awareness Activity Packet: Activities and Resources for Teaching Students About Disabilities, by Bev Adcock and Michael L. Remus

This booklet gives you some ideas for helping students understand different disabilities. Activities help students understand what it’s like to have autism, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, hearing and vision impairments, and others.

There is a section listing other resources such as books and videos.
Grades K-12

2. What’s the Difference: A Step Toward Understanding People with Disabilities by Sara MacLean

This is a summary of a larger effort, Understanding Our Differences, developed in Newton MA. It lists a few simple activities and resources.
Elementary grades.

3. Getting to Know Your Classmates with Special Needs, by Mary Ellen Leahy, Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute

This packet includes 3 lesson plans, materials for classroom use, a reading list for students and a teacher’s bibliography.
Elementary grades.

4. Lesson Plan – Dealing With Differences

This is a lesson plan to accompany the book, Be Good to Eddie Lee, by Virginia Fleming
Grades 1-2

5. Sample Lesson Plan in the Yes I Can Social Inclusion Curriculum for Students With and Without Disabilities, by University of Minnesota’s Institute on Community Integration UCEDD) a University Affiliated Program on Developmental Disabilities

Developmental disabilities.
For school age children and youth

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